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Sylvia, a young woman with a tragic, abusive past, learns how to survive, and most of all how to forgive. Cursed By Our Blood portrays the life of an innocent female and her siblings and how they are abused by their father, Mr. Kiser. They experience life in a way that others can only imagine. As Sylvia finds her way up into the tallest tree, she learns an approach which helps put all of her troubles behind. As secrets unfold and emotions stir, the one thing that is certain in this small city is that lives will never be the same again. Through all the hurt, Sylvia questions God about Kiser, Mary, Joseph, John, Paul, Peter, Sarah, and the other Devils of Deer Island. Sylvia lives her life on a rollercoaster knowing that every day she will be taken up and down, struggle because of higher and steeper hills she has to climb, while being twisted and bent out of shape. Sylvia takes advantage of palm-sweating thrills while taken on this ride called Life.


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  1. runway272013 says:

    Cursed by Our Blood provokes a lot of emotions. A reader may feel as though they’re Bipolar while reading this novel. This adult fiction will make you angry, laugh, and cry in one setting. It provides a disturbing yet realistic account into the life of Sylvia.

  2. runway272013 says:

    My novel touches upon a lot of issues pertaining to morals/values, independence, abuse, sexuality, and religion. Due to growing up and living in a very small rural city in South Carolina yet interacting with many people of different cultural backgrounds from various environments I’ve observed a lot. The places, people and events that happen in the story reflect real life situations that some of us can refer to. However, the reader gets into the story and realizes that the lives in Deer Island will never be the same because of the way Runway twist and bend them out of shape. You’ll have to hold on real tight cause I’m about to take you on an enjoyable bumpy ride. “Runway Style”

  3. runway272013 says:

    Cursed by Our Blood paints the picture of how someone’s character, personality and lifestyle can be an effect of their own bloodline or circumstances they or family members have experienced, especially at an early age. This novel is full of real life adult palm-sweating drama.

  4. runway272013 says:

    Cursed By Our Blood gives the reader a vivid and terrorizing description of the life of several families in the early twentieth century in a rural city in South Carolina. The drama that unfolds in this story and the creativity in which it’s told is CLASSIC.

  5. Rosalind Ellington says:

    Hello Runway. I would love to get a signed copy of your book. Are you doing any book signings or can you advise on how I can get a signed copy? You can reach me at roslaw@verizon.net. Thanks.

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